Expat Wills


Have you been working in a foreign market as an expatriate for many years and have assets in the foreign land?

Have you made arrangements for your assets to be dispensed according to your wishes after the inevitable?

Do you know expatriate wills lawyers can help you develop such a will?

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Expatriate Wills Guidance

In many jurisdictions around the world, an expatriate investor has to be vigilant in developing a will or the local laws may process their assets against their wishes. For example, in the UAE, expatriate wills lawyers help investors protect their assets against getting dispensed according to Sharia laws , if not your personal law, which is the default legal position if a person passes away without having created a will.

You can get rid of this ever looming problem by letting us connect you with some of the finest expatriate will and probate lawyers in international jurisdictions for no service fee. We can help you find the perfect match without wasting precious time or charging you a dime for our services.

Areas of Expertise of our
Expat Wills in the
UAE & Other Countries

In our huge network of legal services providers, we have many law firms and lawyers who specialise in writing expatriate wills. To ensure we connect you with the best of them, we have only added those law practitioners in our network who have a proven track record of continued success in expatriate wills and probate services.

These handpicked partners include law firms and independent lawyers who are considered top-tier will writers, inheritance law litigators, arbitrators, and probate advisors with many years of experience in their respective jurisdiction’s inheritance laws. They offer the extent of experience, specialisation and expertise that you probably have not seen in any other agency’s network before.

If you are wondering how you could connect with these expatriate wills lawyers, we can assure you we have made the process very simple:

  • Step 1: You provide us details of your specific needs in our services requisition form.
  • Step 2: We give you a call to thoroughly understand your needs and preferences.
  • Step 3: We match your preferences with members of our network using necessary filters.
  • Step 4: We recommend a brief list of expatriate wills lawyers and law firms
  • Step 5: We connect you with the ones you pick out of our list.

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