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Adaptation Of The Common Law In
The UAE For Investor Disputes

We are an agency that caters to international investors’ need of reliable specialist lawyers and law firms in global markets, like the UAE. As a global business centre, the UAE has become one of the markets with the highest number of investor disputes.

However, countries like the UAE, which take immense pride in their place as a global trade hub, have enhanced their capability for dispute resolution using the common law widely used and respected in the developed countries of the world.

Great investor dispute lawyers push for quick resolutions of cases, and the courts in jurisdictions such as the UAE fully support this approach, deliberating on evidence and concluding disputes fast.

Another great thing about the legal system in the UAE is its commitment to privacy of parties, allowing public hearings only when necessary and published decisions often do not include names of the parties.

Our Network Partners’ Specialty Of Resolving Investor Disputes

Our international network of law firms and lawyers for investor disputes is carefully built after thorough vetting. While having the best of the best legal services available for our customers indicate above-average pricing, our clients have always found their services’ value worth the spending.

Our partners help clients located in international markets, including Russia, China, Pakistan, India, the Nordic region, and the African states. Whenever these parties – from large corporations and relatively small international business enterprises to individual business interests – are in need of reliable investor dispute lawyers, they request us to find them one.

Whether they want to pursue legal proceedings against a state or a private party, our seasoned partners can fully represent them in investment arbitration and litigation.

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