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Legal Help For Franchising In
The Uae & Similar Markets

Centres of global trade, such as markets like the UAE, have immense appeal for franchising businesses, due to the highly diverse consumer base, influx of international buyers, and high purchase power. Whether it is retail food chains or fashion brands, franchisees are more likely to find successful opportunities in these markets.

However, opening a franchise in such a market would require specialised legal expertise. You will want to work with expert franchising lawyers in the UAE or any other market you wish to operate. You will need expert advice and representation to begin your franchising business in compliance with the law of the land.

We can help you with all of that, if you are a franchisor or franchisee based in an African or Nordic country or in Russia, China, Pakistan or India. We can find you the most suitable legal services because we already know the best players in the sector.

Our Partner Franchising Lawyers And Law Firms

We have a strong network of international legal partners who specialise in various areas of the law. In markets like the UAE, franchising lawyers and law firms come in all shapes and sizes, and we help international franchisors and franchisees connect with the best of them.

Our partners provide complete franchising advisory, arbitration and litigation services, including:

  • Licensing compliance advisory
  • Obtaining franchise license
  • Franchise setup assistance
  • And much more

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  • We have a stringent vetting process for selecting network partners.
  • We have a range of specialist franchising lawyers and law firms who provide arbitration, representation and litigation services.
  • We make our recommendations based on your specific needs and offer you options of franchising law firms and lawyers that offer extensive experience.
  • We will charge you no commission for our recommendations, which means you will be saving a significant service fee working with us.
  • We are very interested in building the best network of legal services and making it better, which means we seek customer feedback and heed it.