Did you know that as an expat, if you’ve invested in real estate, having a property inheritance will be drafted, is a good idea? This is because the UAE inheritance system works differently from other foreign countries.

In the UAE, property inheritance for Muslims or rather, Muslim nationals are guided by the Sharia laws. While the same law of the deceased’s home country could be applied for non-Muslim expatriates, there are various uncertainties regarding property inheritance matters.

For example, one of the most common questions from expats is law enforcement for those who have invested in UAE’s flourishing real estate market, in their sole name or jointly with their spouse.

In addition, if the UAE has the ‘right of survivorship’ concept like in several western countries. Another critical concern is about movable vs immovable assets in the Emirate of Dubai or the UAE.

Last but not least, can guardianship be covered in a will or if they have to be residents of Dubai. Moreover, if there are any specific requirements to be/have a guardian.

At the end of the day, your investment in the UAE whilst giving you excellent dividends, should also bring peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken all necessary measures required per the law, should God forbid, need arises.

To know more, or get further clarification, let us know a few details and we will connect you to a lawyer to help bring the right answers and solutions.

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